natural deodorant gluten free plant based vegan friendly deodorant coconut shea butter beeswax carnuba wax
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Live Organic Inside & Out TM

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About Us

It started in 2013, when making a switch from antiperspirants to a natural deodorant. I tried many different deodorants and couldn't find the right one for me.  With lots of research, trial and error I developed a deodorant, using organic ingredients, that really worked for me. I began to give some to my family and friends who also enjoyed the natural deodorant.

In 2014, Organic Body Treats Ltd. was incorporated and has been attending the Moncton Farmer’s Market, local craft and trade shows.  We have our plant based deodorants available for sale at Sequoia on Trinity Drive in Moncton, NB. 

I hope you enjoy our products and look forward to receiving feedback from you!

Email us at [email protected] or on Facebook OrganicBodyTreatsLtd2014



Diane Deveau

Founder & Creator of

Organic Body Treats Ltd.